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Ramblin' Dan's Freewheelin' Band

A longtime New York Family Favorite, Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band provides high-energy and engaging classes driven by playful musicality and skillful guitar work. Our priorities are having fun, providing a pressure-free and comforting atmosphere, and helping kids gain confidence.

Using the music to lead the way, your band leader will help your kids jam along on instruments, use various props for activities, read song-based books, learn sign language, do animal play, and of course clap, dance and sing along.

For a ONE-OF-A-KIND musical experience for your child, come jam in Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band! Most of Dan’s classes are for 0-3 years old (We love teaching infants), though we offer private classes and parties for children up to 5 years old.