Art Programs

Our engaging art classes inspire imagination through diverse projects like painting, drawing, and sculpting. Led by friendly instructors, children develop their artistic skills in a fun, supportive environment. We provide all materials, cater to different age groups, and offer flexible class times, ensuring every child can join the fun. Sign up today to unleash your child’s creativity and watch their imagination soar! Visit our website for more information and registration. Let’s create something amazing together!

Our Art Programs

Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts projects help children develop their fine motor skills by requiring them to use small muscles in their hands and fingers in addition to their imagination and creativity.


Through fun scenes, monologues and exercises, your kid will learn foundation acting skills, learn to behave believably fiction world, learn how to make strong acting choices.

Broadway Musical

Musical Theatre is a fantastic fun form of theatrical performance that kids love. Based around a story, emotion, content and words are communicated through words, music and movement.